Who We Are

The Mission

We are a ministry dedicated to helping individuals find freedom from their stubborn habits and addictions by introducing them to the only Truth that can make them free - Jesus Christ.  

What We Offer

Great Teaching


Are you tired of talking about problems but never finding a real lasting solution? If so give our Friday night addiction class a try. Every "Break the Chains" class ends with a teaching lesson that offers real life solutions. You will learn invaluable Biblical principles that will fuel your recovery process. 


Complete Curriculum


Are you tired of being told what's right, but never given the tools to determine what's right? If so meet with us this Friday night and receive one of the best comprehensive discipleship curriculums in America. 

Free Personal Counseling and Guidance


Are you tired of receiving advice from people who have never walked in your shoes? Then come join us. We have people who are passionate about helping others, because they've been where you are. They too have struggled with addictions, but have since found freedom in Christ. We offer free group and individual spiritual counseling. 

Well Trained Leadership and Staff


You'll be surrounded by people who have been made free from the power of sin and can openly and passionately speak about it. They love to proclaim that Jesus is the reason for their freedom and they've been well trained to use our program and its many tools to get that salvation message to you and to those you love.

Stories of Victory


Are you tired of hearing "war stories" of people who have no real freedom in their life? If so spend a Friday night with us and hear students testify to how God has truly changed their lives!

Exciting Children's Program


Are you tired of trying to find someone to help you with your child's issues while you're still trying to overcome yours? If so, attend a Friday night "Break the Chains" class and let us not only care for your children while you attend class, but also we'll teach and develop them so they can learn to avoid the same pitfalls that ensnared many of us.. 

Clean Well Staffed Nurseries


Are you tired of programs that will not care for your little ones? They say, "Come as you are", but you are a family and you should be able to come as a family. Our clean nurseries are well staffed by volunteers from our church congregation screened and well trained.

Weekly Fellowship Time


Are you tired of being alone or hanging with the wrong crowd? If so, come visit with us this Friday night! We have our own "Happy Hour" fellowship time at the conclusion of every Friday night meeting.  We usually have food and we always have fun in the Lord. We also offer opportunities on Sunday morning to fellowship with your fellow students and leaders. 

Local Church Support


The Mission is not only an Addiction Program for those struggling with stubborn habits and addictions. We are also a church, a group of believers who have been set free from the power of sin by Jesus Christ. Many were just like you when they came here and so they not only understand what you're going through, but they are more than willing to come along beside you and help you learn what they've learned. 

Weekly Schedule


An opportunity for those who have a genuine desire to break their stubborn habit or addiction to find lasting freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Also an opportunity for Christians to develop a more meaningful relationship with Christ and to deepen their understanding of the scriptures.  


7:00 PM Break The Chains (RU Program)

9:00 PM Fellowship/ Finger Foods


Families In Recovery Seeking Truth

(Group counseling for families of the addicted)

Meets First Sunday Of Every Month

Sunday 2 PM At The Mission

Sunday Schedule

Children's Ministry 9:30 AM

We believe in ministering to the entire family at "The Mission". We believe parents should be the primary spiritual leaders in their family, but we also want to come along beside you to help in that endeavor. At The Mission we pride ourselves in providing a safe and clean environment for your children. We will certainly make sure they have an enjoyable experience by singing songs and worshiping the Lord, but they will also study the scriptures, memorize Bible verses and most importantly learn about the love of Jesus. 

Adult/Youth Bible Study 9:30 AM

Sunday morning Bible study is an extension of our Friday night discipleship curriculum. Students continue to learn step by step how to walk with the Lord as they walkwith others. 

Worship 10:30 AM

Sunday morning worship is when we give back to the Lord. It's a time when we can show our gratitude by praising and glorifying our Savior for His goodness and grace. It's also a time in which we as a church body hear a very special message from God as the Holy Spirit speaks through the heart of our pastor.

 Psalm 73:28 says, For me it is good to be near God. Hebrews 10:25 says, Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, which means it's good for us to come together and worship! 


Our Leadership


Pastor / Board Member

Grady Covin

Director / Board Member

Tim Lacy

Bible Teacher / Board Member

Johnny Horton