Our Ministries


Break The Chains of Addiction (RU Friday Night)

Are you're tired of losing the battle? Then  stop fighting in your own strength and come discover what thousands just like you have already discovered. There is hope and there is an Answer that will set you free from that addiction that has you bound. Friend there is nothing too hard for God and no one is beyond His reach!  We gather every Friday night at 6:30 PM. We offer a light meal and a lasting answer. We have clean nurseries, classes for children of all ages and leaders for both men and women. We encourage entire families to come together if possible, but lone individuals are certainly welcome and most common. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or one of the many other addictions that can destroy a family or take the life of a loved one, then please come spend your next Friday night with us. You'll be so glad you did! And so will your loved ones!



At The Mission we  also understand  the pain, heartache, neglect and abuse that many families and loved ones go through when their family members are held captive by an addiction. And so we not only minister to the addicted, we also minister to the entire family. And one of the ways in which we do that is in our "FIRST" class. It meets the first Sunday of every month at 2:00 PM at The Mission worship center at 26000 Highway 25, Wilsonville, Al. Your loved one does not have to attend our "Break the Chains" RU Class on Friday night in order for you to attend. Everyone is welcome. You may have a loved one in jail or in prison or they may be addicted and not seeking help at the moment and you're just seeking answers or support; if so you're more than welcome to come. This is a safe place of grace and you won't be judged and you won't be pressured to talk. We share, we pray and we let God do what He does best. We let Him guide and comfort us through His sweet precious Holy Spirit.


The Mission

Our daily mission is to serve the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the men, women and children who come to us from our community. As those in desperate situations learn of our existence the need for money, food, clothing and volunteers will certainly increase. My prayer and the prayer of everyone here at The Mission is that the needs of the people will never go unmet. We know we serve a great God and we know we live in an awesome community where people  are willing to share what they have with those in need. But we also know we must make our needs known so others will know how to give. That said, we've made a list of items we need both short and long term. If God has blessed you and moves you to give one or more of these items we would greatly appreciate your gift. As always your monetary gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Needed Items



First and foremost we need and covet your prayers. With God all things are possible! Without Him, we know we can do nothing! Please pray that we would never get ahead of Him and that we would always be good stewards of what He has blessed us with. Please pray for the men and women who God will call here to serve and especially those who God will lead here to be ministered to. Thank you so much for your prayers! We cherish them so much and we know very well that we are nothing without them. 


We are currently in need of electricians, plumbers, H &A contractors, carpenters, drywall installers, ceramic and wood floor installers, vinyl siding installers and landscaping contractors. 


We have been truly blessed with several large donations toward certain phases of our building project and for that we are so very thankful. We are still in need of many more items, including plumbing and electrical piping, wire and fixtures, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, heating & air units, ceramic flooring, lumber, drywall, gravel, concrete, signage, landscaping plants and materials. 

Gifts and Talents

Person or persons to lead social media, website and advertising campaign for "The Mission".

Someone experienced in fund raising for non profits.

Christian Bible teachers/counselors who have been called and gifted to work with the addicted.